Ephel Duath - Through My Dog's Eye

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'Ephel Duath is one of those bands that truly understands the essence of what experimental and fusion music should be about.'
- Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan)

A concept album based on the life of a stray dog and the world seen through its eyes.

Absolute Must Have!

Genre: Experimental | Progressive | Fusion

Through My Dog's Eye (2009)


Zu - Carboniferous

'A powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days.'
- John Zorn

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is my most recently drug that i'm addicted to.
Ingredients of the drug:
Amazing baritone saxophone, rhythm and riot drums, and a giant bass.
A Must Have!

Genre: Instrumental | Math | Avant-garde free jazz

Carboniferous (2009)

Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague

Cannibal Corpse Myspace

Got the new Cannibal Corpse album?
Brutal as it should be.

Evisceration Plague (2009)

Hand Of Doom - Black Sabbath Tribute

Melissa Auf Der Maur is the lady on the cover, ex. Hole bass
and ex. Smashing Pumpkins tour bassist for the year 2000.

This is Melissa Auf Der Maur and her 'buddies' recording down
in Los Angeles a Black Sabbath Tribute.

Black Sabbath is The Band, but this tribute, is The Tribute. Enough?
Female power on the way.
For Black Sabbath fans and you too.
(Extremely well recorded)

Black Sabbath Tribute (Live In Los Angeles) (2002)


In tha good

Tonight there's no metal in the air. Server that I upload to is not working as you all know, so I've decided that along with a friend I will share a moment of my life daily routine with you all.

I'm stoned. Very. So please take this into account while reading this post. Don't think though that I'm some kind of junkie. Not at all my friends, yet I share along with my friend the pleasure of floating away from this heavy world for just a few hours a day. While the rest of the world rests down below our feet, we are high. We believe that smoking up is not a way to escape, it is just a state of mind that sometimes allows you to see things in a way that they might seem a little more clear. No preconceptions, no judgmental behaviour, just plain old perception. On that matter, I'll leave you this quote:

"When the Doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear as they truly are: infinitive. "
-William Blake

With rhythm and riot you shall stay!
No excuses!

To the brotherhood,


Aussitôt Mort - Montuenga

Aussitôt Mort Myspace

France, again...
I really don't know what's going on in France, but related to music, there are fantastic bands coming from there, such as Aussitôt Mort.
Montuega is their second full-lenght. Out on 2008.
Screamo post-hardcore music sang in their mother language.
You just need to hear their first track 'Mort Mort Mort', how it gonna involve you on amazing layers of sound - atmospheric beautiness!
Very good.

Genre: Screamo | Post-Hardcore

Montuenga (2008)

The Firstborn - The Noble Search

'2005 – After 4 years in the writing, the concept-album “The Unclenching of Fists” is finally recorded. Based on the Tibetan “Book of the Dead”, it represents a dramatic shift in both style and content for the band (ProCon Media 2005). 2008 – Further exploring the Buddhist philosophy as a foundation for both lyrics and sound, the band travels to Foel Studio in Wales to record “The Noble Search”. This album, based on the Buddhist Scriptures, represents further experiments in the direction first explored in 2005’s “The Unclenching of Fists” (Major Label Industries 2008).'

Portugal at his best!
The Noble Search out in November 2008 it's the brand new album from one of the most interesting band from here - Portugal. For me.
When i hear their stuff i think: 'Fuck! This guys can't be Portuguese!'
BUT, they are. Astronomous sound they got in here.
Very good indeed...i truly recommend it for the ones who like progressive, avant-garde sound.
The Unclenching Of Fists, 2005 album will be posted soon)

Genre: Avant-Garde | Progressive | Black

The Noble Search (2008)

Sofa King Killer - Stout-Soaked Songs

Sofa King Killer Myspace

'We play music when we want to, where we want to, in front of whomever we want to, as good as the various intoxicants we have ingested will allow us to play.'

mother fuckin rock and roll!
Stout-Soaked Songs is their first release, their demo from 2000.
And what a begun!

If you don't know Sofa King Killer you shall start with this great demo, some fantastic rock and roll songs.
This guys know how to rumble dudes...get it!
To be listened loud.
A band mechanical oiled by alchool.

Genre: Sludge | Southern | Doom

Stout-Soaked Songs (demo) (2000)


Thema Eleven - Choose Your Beast

Highly Recommended!

Genre: Screamo | Post-Hardcore

Choose Your Beast (2003)

Grymt - My Dark One

Genre: Death | Grind


My Dark One (2006)

Witch Hats - Cellulite Soul

Genre: Post-Punk | Post-Rock | Indie

Cellulite Soul (2008)

Electro Lightning - Horror Films

'I make noises, put them in patterns, and then call it music.'
Electro Lightning is Adam, 21 years old from New Jersey.
He made all the music in Horror Films.
One man band ladys and gentleman.

Give him a chance and listen to this. However, he has 21 and he had the guts to make music...please leave a comment - an 'artist' does not exist without criticism!
So, if you download this and do not leave a comment (good or bad),
i hope you die with an Anal Cunt cd up your ass!!!
Recommended: 'Hitchcock's Rope'

Genre: Electronic | IDM | Ambiental

Electro Lightning Myspace

Horror Films (2008) (partI) (partII)


Riding Pânico - Lady Cobra

Got references? Isis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ulver, Pelican, Mogwai, Sigur Rós, Tool...
Lady Cobra, produced by Makoto Yagyu (If Lucy Fell) and mixed by Chris Common (These Arsms Are Snakes/Minus The Bear) got 9 tracks of pure instrumental music.
In my opinion there are no such great bands in here, Portugal, but these one i have to say, they have my respect. I've seen them live.
I never went to a instrumental concert before...i never thought that i would love it. Sincerely, this is amazing!
Portugal at his best.

Absolute must have!
...and i don't say this because i'm Portuguese, this is not advertising, this is good music.
Check it!

Riding Pânico Myspace

Lady Cobra (2008)


16 - Bridges To Burn

-(16)-, 16 or Sixteen. Choose.
They are from Los Angeles, California and they put sludge/hardcore on their ingredients for such a good cake!
This Bridges To Burn is their first full-lenght released
Relapse Records.
You will know why.
Highly Recommended!

16 Myspace

Bridges To Burn (2009)


Outlaw Order - Dragging Down The Enforcer

Legalize Crime Forever.
With members related to Eyehategod, Soilent Green, Crowbar and Goatwhore. 
Outlaw Order is a must have for sludge fans!
Their first work is a 2003 EP 'Legalize Crime' and i read somewhere that 
Mark Schultz (ex-Eyehategod) was forced to leave the band to serve a prison sentence.
Ready? Sure!


Infidel - I, Oathbreaker

Infidel has supported bands such as Alabama Thunderpussy, Orange Goblin and Grand Magus.Supporting bands like those Infidel got a chance to be listened by you, dont they?
Tip: 'Consumer Patterns', 'Echoes in Vain' and 'The Mourning Demon'.

Genre: Doom | Stoner | Heavy


Caldera - Mist Through Your Consciousness

'Caldera (...) takes you through the filthiest detours but stay assured you'll get your load of insane headbanging listening to these tracks. 
That's what it's all about.'

Caldera plays instrumental doom metal and do not judge the greatness of it.
They come from France and they expel what they do best 
on this Mist Through Your Consciousness!
There's something about France, that i don't know.
Caldera ladys and gentlemen...