In tha good

Tonight there's no metal in the air. Server that I upload to is not working as you all know, so I've decided that along with a friend I will share a moment of my life daily routine with you all.

I'm stoned. Very. So please take this into account while reading this post. Don't think though that I'm some kind of junkie. Not at all my friends, yet I share along with my friend the pleasure of floating away from this heavy world for just a few hours a day. While the rest of the world rests down below our feet, we are high. We believe that smoking up is not a way to escape, it is just a state of mind that sometimes allows you to see things in a way that they might seem a little more clear. No preconceptions, no judgmental behaviour, just plain old perception. On that matter, I'll leave you this quote:

"When the Doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear as they truly are: infinitive. "
-William Blake

With rhythm and riot you shall stay!
No excuses!

To the brotherhood,

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