The Womb

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'(...) The Womb's greatest strength is in their rhythmic dynamic — seemingly mismatched riffs are blended together using well-thought out technical embellishments similar to Soilent Green, and repetition is not shied away from. This allows for a balanced listen that resonates well after its completion, which precious few independent debuts deliver. This is a promising beginning and recommended to fans of Eyehategod, Soilent, or later Pantera.'
- Exclaim Review

This is a friend request. My brother, Mike.
There you go mate! Enjoy!




The Womb (ep) (2007)

Mike got the talent of drawing besides other things.
You can check his art, I recommend it (not just because he's a great friend of mine).
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Buckethead Website

'Brian Patrick Carroll, better known as Buckethead, is an American musician and songwriter. He has released 28 solo albums and performed on over 50 more. His music spans such diverse areas as progressive metal, thrash metal, funk, electronica, jazz, bluegrass, and avant-garde music. When performing in his theatrical persona, Buckethead used to wear a KFC bucket on his head, emblazoned with an orange bumper sticker that read "funeral" in capital black block letters, and an expressionless plain white costume mask. More recently, he has switched to a plain white bucket no longer bearing the KFC logo. He also incorporates nunchaku, robot dancing, and toy trading into his stage performances. Buckethead's persona represents a character who was "raised by chickens" and has made it his mission in life to alert the world to the ongoing chicken holocaust in fast-food joints around the globe.'
- Wikipedia

Crazy wonderful shit in here! I'm addicted to this.


Needle In A Slunk Stack (2009)

VIDEOGIOCO - Loop Experiment

Animation and concept by Donato Sansone
Sound design by Enrico Ascoli

Mongo Ninja

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'Mongo Ninja is here to rock your ass off, blow everything to pieces, fuck and fuck up everything breathing! Burn, pillage and destroy! Mongo Ninja will detonate like a fuckin' nailbomb in your fragile skull. Mongo Ninja is about as gentle as a spikeglowed fistfuck! It feels like being tied down and force fed with slugs from a 12 guage shotgun. Over and over and over again! You will find yourself stumbling around in circles like a drooling moron with a totally sandblasted brain, your jaw on the floor, both hands in permanent skullgrips, and unable to say anything but... GgggagArrgagaaargh!'
- Mongo Ninja Myspace

Track names like Band Aid On Cancer, Kids With Tits or My Cock Your Pain - you know what to expect!
Freezing punk from Norway!
Enjoy it.


...And The Wrist Is History (2009)

Fatty Chan

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'Dirty, groove-laden rock which channels the soul of southern swamp-sludgers Down and seasons it with a bit of Alabama Thunderpussy, Corrosion Of Conformity and a good dose of Devon air to make their own filthy brew... [CHAN]... are on a mission to tear the UK Metal scene a new rectum. Nice.'
- RockSound Magazine

southern rock

Tunguska (2008)


Kowloon Walled City

Turk Street (ep), 2008

Gambling On The Richter Scale, 2009
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'Sludgy, heavy shit from San Francisco.'
- KWS Myspace

Nothing more, nothing less.
A must!


You can download both of this works on their site for free.
Kowloon Walled City


Sofa King Killer

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'(...) namely, sludge, hardcore, metal, and boogie rock, with a smattering of psychedelia and stripped-down blues in there.
What separates them from the rest of the pack is the idiosyncratic musicianship that each member of the band offers.'
- StonerRock.com


southern rock

Lust, Crime, and Holiness (ep) (2002)