Riding Pânico - Lady Cobra

Got references? Isis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ulver, Pelican, Mogwai, Sigur Rós, Tool...
Lady Cobra, produced by Makoto Yagyu (If Lucy Fell) and mixed by Chris Common (These Arsms Are Snakes/Minus The Bear) got 9 tracks of pure instrumental music.
In my opinion there are no such great bands in here, Portugal, but these one i have to say, they have my respect. I've seen them live.
I never went to a instrumental concert before...i never thought that i would love it. Sincerely, this is amazing!
Portugal at his best.

Absolute must have!
...and i don't say this because i'm Portuguese, this is not advertising, this is good music.
Check it!

Riding Pânico Myspace

Lady Cobra (2008)

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Chairmaker said...

I like these guys.

Some of the same people are also in men-eater, right?