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'Chickenhawk is a raging schizophrenic multi-personality disorder of an album. Insanely original and musically adept the four members have fashioned a UK sound that stands up to the heavy avant guard of Naked City and Mr. Bungle whilst also having the riffs and head-banging nature of Melvins and Harvey Milk.'
- Chickenhawk Myspace

A band not to be lost of sight.
An orgasm of coolness and originality. Chickenhawk!
Absolutly Recommended!

Genre: Experimental | Sludge | Stoner

Chickenhawk (2008)


Landa said...

I'm just fall from off the chair beacuse of the emotion!!!

I wanted this disc so much...

Thanks a lot!

al sobrante said...

DITTO!!! don't know how to thank you guys!!!! greetings fron Venezuela!!!