We Are The Damned - The Shape Of Hell To Come

'WE ARE THE DAMNED was formed by guitarist Ricardo Correia and drummer Paulo Lafaia ( Painstruck ) in September 2007, along side Danish Producer / Musician Palle Schultz , they have built their debut album called THE SHAPE OF HELL TO COME for label RAGINGPLANET at Generator Music in Assafora, Portugal in 13 days, latter mixed and mastered by Palle at his own Tweetyhood Studio in Aarhus, Denmark.'
- metal-archives.com

Death'n Roll from Portugal with female vocals.
I had the chance to see them live and it was heavy! Sofia, the vocalist, gives the band that last amazing spicy ingredients...such as singing and performing.
Enjoy the damned!

The Shape Of Hell To Come (2008)

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goddamn that chick is so goddamn hot!