Zoroaster - Voice Of Saturn

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'Their sludgy style of music has been described as menacing and unrelenting.'
- metal-archives.com

This is mind-blowing!
Sludge/Doom at it's best.

Voice Of Saturn (2009)


Chairmaker said...

I liked their last one quite a bit, so I've been looking forward to hearing this- thanks.

Anonymous said...

yeallow :)

Anonymous said...

Crazy question, but how do you pronounce their name?

d. said...

well, i think its: ZORO-ASTER

Chairmaker said...

After a few listens I really like this. I liked Dog Magic because they brought more elements into their sound than most sludge/doom bands (the quasi-techno bass tone that opens 'brazen bull' hooked me on these guys, and they seem to have taken that even further this time.

Coreopsis said...

Thanx for the Zoroaster! Yer blog looks great, and your selections are impeccable!

Anonymous said...

Just saw these guys at SXSW. Great show, grest band. Go catch 'em if you've got the chance.