Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt, 1997

Conan (ep), tour 7'', 2000

Ride The Skies, 2001

Wonderful Rainbow, 2003

Hypermagic Mountain, 2005

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I remember listening to LB and it was so fucking harsh to me at the first time...
To be absolutly sincere with you - I did not like it.
I just heard noise and more noise. It was something that I would not play in my room really loud, for sure!
I was dumb! I did not take a closer listening to it, so, I forgot LB for a while... I didn't want to 'understand' that noise.
However, I have a friend that loves LB. It's a very closer friend of mine.
He was very persistant about showing me how amazing LB sounds.
He won!
LB has a really amazing sound, definitely. They are extraordinary. Yes.

Lightning Bolt is not a band for the family,
specially for your grand-parents!
Love them or hate them, I understand both of the feelings.
BUT, one thing is for sure:
Lightning Bolt deserves respect as musicians!

Lightning Bolt, it's strongly recommended.
It's amazing how simply two dudes can delivers so much noise! Damn!
If you have the oportunity to see them live - Go for it! I would!

Genre: Noise | Experimental

Lightning Bolt (1997) (part I)
Lightning Bolt (1997) (part II)
Conan (ep) (2000)
Ride The Skies (2001)

Wonderful Rainbow (2003)

Hypermagic Mountain (2005) (part I)
Hypermagic Mountain (2005) (part II)


The Power Of Salad & Milkshakes, DVD 2003

'The Power of Salad, also known as The Power of Salad & Milkshakes, is a film by Peter Glantz and Nick Noe, featuring and documenting the Providence, Rhode Island noise rock band Lightning Bolt. The film follows the avant-garde duo, Brian Gibson and Brian Chippendale, through a tour of the states, along with interviews of the band and their friends and family.'
- Wikipedia

It wouldn't be a waste of time watching this film. I tell you!
In Power of Salad you can see how ordinary normal guys Lighting Bolt are and how massive shows they play.
Take care of your ears!

A must see for fans! ...and for you too!

You can get it via Torrent, here. Enjoy!

(Obrigado Puto!)

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The Whale said...

Thanks, I only now hypermagic mountain, but I love it. I like to think of 'em as an american Melt Banana.