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'Mongo Ninja is here to rock your ass off, blow everything to pieces, fuck and fuck up everything breathing! Burn, pillage and destroy! Mongo Ninja will detonate like a fuckin' nailbomb in your fragile skull. Mongo Ninja is about as gentle as a spikeglowed fistfuck! It feels like being tied down and force fed with slugs from a 12 guage shotgun. Over and over and over again! You will find yourself stumbling around in circles like a drooling moron with a totally sandblasted brain, your jaw on the floor, both hands in permanent skullgrips, and unable to say anything but... GgggagArrgagaaargh!'
- Mongo Ninja Myspace

Track names like Band Aid On Cancer, Kids With Tits or My Cock Your Pain - you know what to expect!
Freezing punk from Norway!
Enjoy it.


...And The Wrist Is History (2009)

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hahahaha great!