Aussitôt Mort - Montuenga

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France, again...
I really don't know what's going on in France, but related to music, there are fantastic bands coming from there, such as Aussitôt Mort.
Montuega is their second full-lenght. Out on 2008.
Screamo post-hardcore music sang in their mother language.
You just need to hear their first track 'Mort Mort Mort', how it gonna involve you on amazing layers of sound - atmospheric beautiness!
Very good.

Genre: Screamo | Post-Hardcore

Montuenga (2008)


detectiefvanzwam said...

This is indeed a fantastic album!

Peterparents said...

yes, there is definitely something going on in France, specially in what refers to avantgard an old Zeuhl!! I guess I´ll give a try!!! eh eh eh

Chairmaker said...

I like this one a lot- cheers.