The Firstborn - The Noble Search

'2005 – After 4 years in the writing, the concept-album “The Unclenching of Fists” is finally recorded. Based on the Tibetan “Book of the Dead”, it represents a dramatic shift in both style and content for the band (ProCon Media 2005). 2008 – Further exploring the Buddhist philosophy as a foundation for both lyrics and sound, the band travels to Foel Studio in Wales to record “The Noble Search”. This album, based on the Buddhist Scriptures, represents further experiments in the direction first explored in 2005’s “The Unclenching of Fists” (Major Label Industries 2008).'

Portugal at his best!
The Noble Search out in November 2008 it's the brand new album from one of the most interesting band from here - Portugal. For me.
When i hear their stuff i think: 'Fuck! This guys can't be Portuguese!'
BUT, they are. Astronomous sound they got in here.
Very good indeed...i truly recommend it for the ones who like progressive, avant-garde sound.
The Unclenching Of Fists, 2005 album will be posted soon)

Genre: Avant-Garde | Progressive | Black

The Noble Search (2008)


filipa said...

o namorado de uma grande amiga minha é guitarrista dos firstborn ha um tempo :) eles são mt fixes são. vão tar em coimbra dia 21, na via, é ir!

Amos Anon said...

I’m glad you’re interested in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Here’s a link to a Guide that covers this book and other books of the Oxford Tibetan Series.
If you find this useful, please mention it on your blog.